New Students Reception Ceremony


New Students Reception Ceremony - (24/Dec/2018)

The deanship of Karary University organized a reception for its new students on Tuesday 11/12/2018 at the Khor Omar Colleges Complex. The reception program was aimed at addressing the issues of youth and students, as well as a number of speeches from the university administration and student representatives. The program was under a generous and honorable of Mr. Al-Amin Al-Hussein, the University's General Director, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Military College, and the deans of the colleges, principals, departments, people, professors and the Deanship of Student Affairs and New Students with their guardians and families.

On Thursday, 13/12/2018, the festival moved to Medical Colleges Complex at Banat to welcome the new admitted students in the complex with the participation of their families and colleagues at different levels. A distinguished presence represented by the deputy director , Vice Dean of Students Affairs, Dean of the Postgraduate Studies, And the students and the families of the Deanship of Student Affairs. The guest of honor, was Dr. Sudaad Al-Karib, expressed her fond and belonging to the university. It was a joyous celebration that distinguished the wonderful words and speeches that pleased the students and their families and made sure that their choice of university was the best. The various joyful and pleasant paragraphs of recitation and singing and comedy , theater , directed by students and prose poetry and singing.

We wish successful year to the students, wishing them blessing studying year, and keep the university at their best  chosen.

May Allaha bless all of us