Announcing the suspension of studies for the university's health colleges


Announcing the suspension of studies for the university's health colleges - (19/Nov/2020)

  1. The administration of  Karary University hereby  announcing all students of the following health colleges: That the studies program will be suspended with effect of from Thursday, November 19, 2020  in order to prepare for the first-semester exams for the first round of the academic year 2019-2020. The Collages are:

1. College of Medicine and Surgery

2. College of Oral and Dental Medicine

3. College of Pharmacy

4. College of Medical Laboratories

5. College of Radiology

6. College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

7. College of Administrative Sciences (first level admission 2019-2020 only)


(B) The start of the exams will be on 6.12 2020, according to the schedules that will be announced on the university's website.

(C) All students who did not complete the registration and payment process should expedite the completion of their procedures during the next week, by reviewing the registrars of the faculties or the Deanship of Student Council or the Department of Information Systems during official working hours. While adhering to all health requirements.

(D) Studies will also be suspended for students of the first level - the second semester (admission 2019-2020), provided that you start studying on December 6, 2020.

(E) Work and study will continue in the rest of the colleges as usual.

(F) Examination schedules will be announced on the university's website Here

(G) All students must review the university website daily on the link in order to follow the latest updates.

May Allah bless all.