Announcement for admission - academic year 2019 - 2020


Announcement for admission - academic year 2019 - 2020 - (11/Jul/2019)



Important  announcement


Karary university hereby by announcing that, the new commencement of the  studying year of 2019-2020 will be held as the following: (civilian students):

First: the admission for the first semester on Monday with effect from 15/7/2019 and lasted till Thursday 25/7/2019

Second: it is allowed for admission , the Sudanese certificate or its equivalent for the year 2019th

Third:  the admission will be conducted electronically, the students and their  guidance  requested to acknowledge the guidelines procedures from the specified locations of  admission for the higher education  according to the following website addresses:



Special concern should be paid to the following:

  1. The directory of the admission for public and private higher education institutions for 2019th .
  2. The directory of admission competition for previous year 2018th
  3. Identifying the  sales points and credit banks

Fourth: the required document to complete the procedures;

  1. Obtaining the university number for the student after paying the prescribed fees across the credited channels
  2. The sitting number of examination (to confirm the statement and data in the secondary certificate )
  3. The national civil number (must insert the required data correctly and accurately upon admission request )

Fifth: the Sudanese students holders of the Arabian and foreign secondary certificate requested to deliver the slip /the application No. and the origin of the secondary certificate credited from the concern authorities after completing immediacy the necessary procedures of the electronic admission  for the general administration  of the admission at Khartoum or the universities centers at the states for conformity, and return the origin thenceforth, otherwise the student may miss his right in competition.  



Sixth: Application Fees:

  1. Fees inside Sudan estimated as 50 Sdg. for Sudanese students who have a Sudanese and non-Sudanese secondary certificate.
  2.  Fees for submitting non-Sudanese certificates from abroad are US $ 25.
Seventh: Methods and means of payment of the electronic submission fee to obtain the application form number through the following:
Electronic admission fees are paid by the following methods:
1. The website location of the general administration for acceptance, evaluation and certification of certificates.
2. Mobile phone submission/admission
3. SMS (sms).
4. Electronic wallet.
5. Automatic discharges.
6. The authorized websites of the Bank of Sudan.
7. Point of sale.
8. Branches and agents of banks.
9. Details of other means of payment available outside the Sudan at the General Directorate for acceptance, evaluation and certification of certificates.
Eighth: Admission  Centers:
The purpose of the electronic admission is to allow students and their families the opportunity to apply from their opportunities and if students can not apply from their homes can go to the nearest admission centers and will find there are more than 200 centers of admission spread across the states of Sudan, the following centers:
1. Public universities.
2. Universities and colleges of private national education.
3. Colleges of Sudan University of Technology.
4. Applicants from outside Sudan are admitted to the Admissions Administration website.


Ninth: For more information please call the Response and Support Center on 2511.

Tenth: The University also provides an electronic admission facility to assist students and their families.  

Good wishes, and best regards