Master's thesis entitled System identification for Typical UAV


Master's thesis entitled System identification for Typical UAV - (13/Feb/2019)

The Master's thesis will be discussed below on 17/2/2019 at the College of Graduate Studies.

Degree: Master

College: Graduate Studies

Title:   System identification for Typical UAV

Student Name: Mohamed Osman Abu Abida Abdel Wahab

Supervisor Name: Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Name of Examiner from Abroad: Dr. Amer Hashim

Name of Examiner: Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Imam

Specialization: Electricity control



Remote sensing has traditionally been done with satellites and manned aircraft. While these methods can yield useful scientific data, satellites and manned aircraft have limitations in data frequency, process time, and real time re-tasking. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provide greater possibilities for personal scientific research than traditional remote sensing platforms. Precision aerial data requires an accurate vehicle dynamics model for controller development, robust flight characteristics, and fault tolerance. One method of developing a model is system identification (system ID). In this thesis system ID using artificial intelligance of UAV is conducted. The linearized longitudinal equations of motion are derived from first principles. System ID used to identify aerodynamic coefficients of the UAV. Results of method with flight data are discussed.