Karary university students organized a health campaign to support the affected natives by floods and


Karary university students organized a health campaign to support the affected natives by floods and - (03/Oct/2019)

Under honored sponsorship from the General Director of Karary university , students , students of Nursing and Health technology Information Collages students , who organized an initiative support campaign to support the affected natives by floods and heavy rainfall streams at Duppa Abdullapp , the celebration of distributing health and nutrition stuff, which honored by the Dean of Nursing Collage as well as the Dean of  Health technology Information Collage Dr. Hayat Fadalla and General Mahor AL Naeem Al Tom Director of the General Science Collage, and Dr. Malack Alhaj Al Tahir deputy of deanship of students , and Lieutenant Colonel Psychiatrist Samah  Khalil  Hassan  and Captain Dr. Hafiz Ibrahim Osman Dean of Nursing and Community Health Departmentan Captain Dr. Mohamed Mustafa , with the attendance of other students and the area natives.

On behalf of the students speak person Al Rasheed who addressed and declared that, the chosen of the area  Duppa Abdullapp  due to the severe damages faced the area , that  it needs urgent support.  And health and medial assistance , who also appreciate  the directorate administration of Karary University  initiative support, hoping that other campaigns will join this work,  for other damaged locations, Mr. Ahmed addressed on behalf  the area natives , welcoming the students of  Karary University , and thanks them and appreciate the role of the Arm Forces and other Security Bodies their supporting the damaged properties and expressed their admiration to the aside exhibit for public interest.

The project Manager Dr. Hafiz mentioned that their arrival to the area is to offer the health and nutrition support to enhance the damaged area population who also gave sufficient background about the university and its role in serving communities , he also added that, the seventh project was selected for Duppa Abdullapp area , the project as he stated , consists of completed health , and request the natives to maximize he benefits , he also addressed the generous warm welcoming  despite their suffering  flood and heavy rainfall , Dr. Malack Al Tayeb Dean of students affairs mentioned that, chosen of the area due to the severe damages  of flood and heavy rainfall , in addition the students undertake he responsibility despite their limited resources to participate their natives and relatives , a request for other universities students to do the same , who also thanks and appreciate the generous welcoming of the area natives

The dean Dr. Al Naeem expressed his pleasure of the warm reception and declared that , in Karary University they are ready to support the area and provide the requested health needs as main target to serve the communities  as a real motive to succeed the project , Major General Hayat Fadul the dean of Health Collage , they arrived to offer health prevention information , and medications as an objective of meeting with people wishing to satisfy their needs , and  invite the presence to see the exhibit arranged aw well, and promise to serve upon request.