Instructions for resumption of study for first-level students


Instructions for resumption of study for first-level students - (12/Aug/2020)

The Department of General Sciences at Karary University announces the resumption of studies for first-level students * (admission of the year 2019) * ... the first semester in all colleges, on Sunday 16-8-2020, from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon according to the academic schedule that will be announced later .

  1. The study will be for medical colleges (College of Medicine, College of Oral and Dental Medicine .. College of Pharmacy, College of Radiology, College of Nursing, College of Medical Laboratories, College of Nursing, and School of Administrative Sciences).

The study will be in the halls of Banat medical colleges complex.

3. The General Sciences Department notes that medical colleges students have been divided as follows:

A) Faculty of Medicine 3 groups

B) one group dental college

C) College of Pharmacy one group

D) The Faculty of Medical Laboratories has three groups

E) Radiology one group

F) The College of Nursing is one group.

* These groups will be the same as the operand groups.

4. For the Faculties of Engineering, the College of Computer Science, Technology and the Language School, the study will be at Khor Omar Complex, and the details of the schedule, halls and groups will be announced later.

5. The groups were divided and the academic schedule set, to continue studying while achieving the necessary health safety and achieving the necessary social distancing. All students must help and fully adhere to the health controls set by the Student Deanship and the University Health Committee.

6. We note that this announcement is for first-level students * admission 2019 *, and details of * old students will be announced later *.

7. The administration would like all students to follow up on updates in this regard, which will be responded to successively on the university's website and the university's Facebook page.

Every year, everyone is well, and we wish you a successful study, health and wellness. We aspire to the cooperation of all for the sake of continuing education and the safety of all.