Karary University

Location site:
 This library is located at the Faculty of Technology, Karre.
Squire area : - 270 square meters Capacity: 120 students
    This library was established to achieve the goals of the College of Technology, which consists of preparing qualified technicians, holding conversion and quality courses, upgrading courses and community service courses. Based on these objectives, the library has been prepared to serve the following programs:

  • Technical structure and engine aircraft.
  •  Management information systems technology.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning technology.
  •  Accounting Information Systems Technology.
  • Mechanics of production
  •  Radio and radar technology.
  • Mechanics of motor mechanics.
  •  Air defense radar technology.
  • Civil construction technology
  • Electricity technology and aircraft meters.
  • Area technology.
  • Communication technology.
  • Chemical technology.
  •  General electricity technology.
  • Armor and heavy machinery technology.
  •  Computer maintenance technology.

Library Holdings: -

• 1560 titles with about 2371 copies.

• The number of 23 patrols (184) copies.

• 446 dissertations  thesis and researches .

• 13 databases can be used from within the university network.

• The library has electronic books and video lectures in various disciplines that can benefit the student.

Library working hours: -

     Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

  To contact the library administration:

  Librarian: Mustafa Khalil Mohammed         

   Tel: 0123045152