Karary University

Site location :-
          This library is located on the fourth floor in the building of the halls complex, which is located in Omdurman - Banat Street, 40th Street west of the Military Hospital
Area dimensions: - 1150 square meters Capacity: 600 students
   The Central Library of Medical Sciences and Graduate Studies is the administrative branch of the libraries of the Medical Sciences Complex in particular and the university libraries in general and serve the following faculties:

  • Medicine
  •  Dental
  •  Medicine
  •  Dentist
  •  Pharmacy
  •  Laboratories
  • Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Radiation

Graduate Studies (Management Science, Engineering and Computer)
Bridging students (books in administration, mathematics and computer)
All university libraries are provided through the Central Library of Medical Sciences and Graduate Studies

Technical operations are carried out within the library by a specialized group which in return manages the library affairs.

 Library Holdings Properties: -

• This library contains a large collection of information vessels, which number 6512 address by 6912 copies. In addition to scientific journals specialized in various medical fields.

• The electronic library contains about 17 computers that serve students in scientific research.

• Theses of the various levels of science (PhD, MA and Baccalaureate) and the 600 addresses of paper and about 400 emails.

• A digital library with 6400 titles.

• 13 databases available from within the University network

Library working hours: -

  • Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

     To contact the library administration:

   Librarian: Mudathir Al - Amin Al - Zain

   Cell Phone: 0116821417 - 091281089 - 0902500198