Karary University

Location site :
          This library is located at the Khor Omar College Complex, located in Khor Omar area, north of Omdurman, north of Al-Garafa district and Al-Makawir village on Al-Wadi Street.
Area squire : - 625 square meters Capacity: 450 students
This library serves in particular students of civil acceptance in the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Engineering programs in various disciplines
  • Bachelor of Administrative Sciences
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in various disciplines
  • Bachelor of Languages (English, Chinese)
  • Various programs of technology collage

This library has been created recently and has been well designed to serve the students of alimony for the above programs. This library has about 2120 titles in each title, a number of copies that meet the student's needs. The library also has electronic books and video lectures in various disciplines that can benefit the student.