Karary University

   This library is located at the Faculty of Engineering, Karary University
Area: - 1600 square meters Capacity: 600 students
The Library of the College of Engineering was established on 9/3/1996 to provide information services, from references and guidance to all its employees from the Collage of Engineering and Technical Studies. The library follows the complete cataloging in both descriptive and objective terms using the Anglo American system and the Dewey decimal classification system.
The library consists of two floors:

The ground floor contains the main part

  • Barrowing department.
  • indexes and general indexes and references.
  • General Books Hall in the eastern site
  • Periodicals Hall from the west
  • Department of Photography
  • Office of Librarian
  • Office of Assistant Librarian
  • Hall of seminars.
  • Provisioning, indexing and classification section

Upper floor/Upstairs
It contains the internet hall, the video theater, the computer Lab, the Language Lab, the Scouts Hall and the Periodicals Extracts. The Private Book Hall and Two Rooms on the Eastern and Western Side.

The programs served by the library:

The Library of the Engineering College was established on 9/3/1996 to provide information services, from references and guidance to all its employees from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Technical Studies. The Technical Studies Library was separated and it became a stand-alone library. Chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as serving students of computer science, where there is a special wing of computer science books in various disciplines. The library has a special wing of the university's various publications and books of military science program. There are books of studies, Islamic, cultural and miscellaneous books in different branches of mathematics and basic courses such as chemistry, physics and English.





Classification System: -

The library follows the complete cataloging of both the descriptive and the objective using the Anglo-American system and the decimal system of classification.

Types of library properties:

Type of properties



Scientific books






Government Publications



University Papers



the digital library



Rules of information







  • The library has about 34 computers connected to the Internet and available to students, as well as available to professors WiFi network.
  • There is a local electronic library containing most of the basic books


Library working hours: -

  • Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
  • Sunday to Wednesday from 17:00 to 21:00

  Friday and Saturday 8:00 to 12:00 and from 2:00 to 9:00 on examination days

  To contact the library administration:

   Librarian: Yahya Suleiman Daoud

   Phone: 0118800768