Karary University

We mean by the half good hope, the good side of the human being, that works for good consideration and worshipping of Allah the great lord, (Muslims are not requested to fight all, few good men learn and have religion knowledge, and warn their people if they return to be careful). Quran verse. As Mohammed, the prophet peace be upon him, said: (No complete faiths believe of yours, unless he likes to his brother what he likes to himself).

Establishing a cultural, religious society to proceed actions as specific and general consideration entity

  • Effective participation of students in all actions and phenomena's
  • Build students who are capable for (jihad- making effort) and renewing 
  • Modifying traditional behavior of students that match the new era requirements
  • Build an educated character of students by acquiring religious and natural sciences  
  • Held religious debates
  • Reading and studying Quran at mosques
  • Cultural forums and debates
  • Conducting human recourse training sessions
  • Conduct scientific studies & researches 
  • Sponsoring creative talent students
  • Establishing aid fund and cooperative assistances for needed students and orientations days